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25th-Oct-2014 09:40 pm - Toon Icons
Pixar; Big Blue Evil
- Please Comment & Credit.


20x Artistic
15x Audrey Kawasaki artworks
28x Book of Life
17x Boxtrolls
9x Frozen
17x Mark Ryden artworks
8x Stella Im Hultberg artworks
66x Other Toons / Animated Films


Check out the rest of my icons at Meticulous Chaos.

Hi guys !

I introduce myself, my name is Gabriele ( Lele Draw).
I'm an italian Cosplayer and Artist.
I love Disney and  his magic World .
I am three years that I make cosplay and I'm in love with this world. So I combined my passion for cosplay with the Disney . In fact, my goal is to make all Disney Princes cosplay.
One of the ones that I made ,and I am satisfied, is Prince Hans with my princess Anna .

I made 2/3 versions of it and I enjoyed it very much to impersonate him.
He is a great character, despite being a big jerk. XD
Besides him, always inherent in the world of Frozen, I made the cosplay Kristoff, ending version.

I immediately liked his costume, I must to make it absolutly.
I hope you like my cosplay. In this case , come and see my Disney cosplay and designs on my page LeleDrawCosplay

Thank you and sorry for my english.

Bye ;)

1st-Oct-2014 06:06 pm(no subject)
Hello, dear!Please excuse me for the lack of posts.I now have too little time , because I'm preparing for the exams.But as much as possible, I will write here.
Sincerely, your admin Elina <3

15th-Sep-2014 08:24 pm - Comes out Frozen 2???
Hi all!I then heard that the second part of the Frozen?is that true?
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