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16th-Jul-2014 12:31 am - Big Hero 6 trailer EASTER EGG
Easter egg in the trailer of new Disney's movie "Big Hero 6" - Hans wanted :D
very suddenly :33

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14th-Jul-2014 04:16 pm(no subject)
Hi guys ^-^

My name is Jessica and Frozen is one of my top fav disney movies!! My fav character would have to be elsa and let it go sequence is ofcourse my fav part XD

Anywho, I usually don't buy and re-sell items but I know how much of a pain in a butt this frozen shortage/epidemic is so I figured I would help out fellow Disney collectors/frozen fans! I am asking abit more than original sticker price since at the parks, the prices cost more (dunno why) and I brought them all as a carry on so they wouldn't get smashed ^.^

~Plush 13inch/14 inch doll from the Disney store! extremely soft and cuddly!!! with tags still attached-$35
~MINT olaf pull apart, changeable face olaf figure/doll from the Disney parks! Is to scale with the 12 inch dolls.-$30
~MINT Hans doll from Disney store-$30
~2 MINT Anna dolls!!! never been removed, excellent condition! Disney store dolls from the Disney parks-$35 each
~Mint Disney Parks exclusive Sven plush!-$35

I am also willing to haggle or give a discount if you buy more than one item, weither it be frozen items or any other sale items ^-^

I SHIP EVERYWHERE!!! also if you have any questions please let me know ^-^

more items here:

Super Sailor Moon
Unfortunately it's currently limited to Japan, where the Frozen-covered system will be available on July 16 for 42,980 yen (around $424).

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